Win Free Gift Cards!

Survey to Earn brings you amazing rewards for a great shopping experience.

Win exciting gifts cards by completing our surveys and shop for your favourite things without worrying about a tight budget! This is an excellent chance for you to buy whatever you like at zero cost.



How to Win Gift Cards Here?

It’s very simple, just Complete Paid Surveys on our website and get free gift certificates as a reward. Use it to make that long-awaited purchase for which you might have been saving! We make sure that our customers remain satisfied with our offers.

What do we Offer?

Our ultimate goal is to reward you significantly for your time spent on our surveys! There are three different ways to redeem your points for free gift cards.



PayPal is one of the top platforms that make transactions easy and simple. In addition, the stores associated with PayPal offer plenty of discounts for their members. You can browse through those stores, add your preferred items to the cart, and use the gift code while checking out. Another option is to get the balance of your total rewards transferred to your online PayPal account. It just takes 1 to 4 business days for the transfer to be executed.



Aren’t Amazon Gift Cards the most exciting ones? They let you choose from the endless items available at Amazon and other affiliated websites. We offer Amazon gift cards as rewards so that you can buy your favourite music, books or electronics, or anything else you desire. Once you have earned more than 10 points, you are eligible to redeem them. Further terms and conditions are explained clearly on Amazon and our website. So, complete our surveys, win rewards, and start shopping!



We also offer G-codes, an exciting reward scheme that allows you to redeem gift codes, travel vouchers and merchandise and other prizes coming from dozens of merchants. It is similar to the process of redeeming from Amazon and PayPal; Fill out the Paid Surveys, earn at least 10 points, and receive your G-Code via email within 1-4 business days. You can also visit and make an account there if you need further information.

No Need for Cash!

The major benefit of gift cards is that you don’t have to carry cash on a shopping trip. No risk of losing your money anymore! You can just walk into those stores and redeem your gift codes for purchasing anything.



Save Yourself from Overspending!

Do you usually spend more than expected? Try shopping with gift cards instead of cash the next time; they have a fixed balance and a restricted location, making it easier to stay within a budget. It is the best way to prevent yourself from overspending. Attempt our surveys to win different rewards and have a perfect shopping time!

Choose Anything You Like!

Earn gift vouchers and codes through our surveys and pick out anything you like from the biggest stores like Amazon. You have a great opportunity to get your desired products for free! Buy something for yourself or your loved ones in return of the points you win here.



Utilize the Unused Balance On a Gift Card

Most of the times, the leftover balance in a gift card remains unused after making a purchase. You should not let that go wasted! The best way to utilize that balance is to exchange it for cash or through online gift exchanges or gift kiosk.

How Can I Get More Gift Cards?

At Survey to Earn, there is a simple formula to make money online: The more number of surveys you answer, the more rewards you earn.

There are a few other effective ways to win free gift cards. One of them is to trade the stuff which is not in your use anymore. Your items are evaluated to fix their value, and you get points in return. Retailers like Target and Best Buy offer this trading option for their customers.

Moreover, cashback apps like Shoply are also helpful in earning rewards. All you need is an email address to start making money and reward points. Try them out to win exciting prizes.